Best Firepits and Chimneas

Morso Kamino Outdoor Fireplace

The Best Firepits and Chimneas

Keep toasty in the cooler summer evenings ahead

Morso Kamino Outdoor Fireplace 2









Morso Kamino Outdoor FireplaceJohn Lewis – £999.00

The Morso Kamino is an excellent addition to your outdoor living arrangements. The slim line build presents an elegant feel with the finest cast iron providing an elite design for an outdoor fireplace. As well as the impeccable design, the Morso Kamino doubles up as a grill. Not only can you sit back and enjoy the warmth that radiates away from the fireplace, you can also add a Tuscan grill and indulge in some al fresco dining.

La Hacienda Tartarus Stainless Steel Firepit









La Hacienda Tartarus Stainless Steel FirepitJohn Lewis – £179

Bring a little bit of Greece into your garden with the Tartarus Stainless Steel Firepit, named after the Greek underworld. This stainless steel fire bowl has a simple yet unique design that would complement any outdoor seating area. Tartarus is safe to place on grass and will leave your turf scorch mark free. As well as the stylish design, the fire pit is easy to assemble and requires little maintenance throughout the year.

La Hacienda Square Firepit









La Hacienda Square Firepit John Lewis – £149.00

This beautifully stylish firepit adds a generous amount of warmth and light to any outdoor seating area. The design is simple, contemporary and has a speckled bronze finish and a mesh cover. This square firepit provides enough room to add larger logs to your fire and with its square shape, carries the heat around more efficiently than other firepits. Although perfect to use on cold winter nights, this easy to construct pit is not rainproof and must be covered in rainy conditions.










La Hacienda Colorado Medium Chiminea John Lewis – £134

The Colorado is a contemporary and stylish chiminea that would suit any garden, regardless of design or theme. It has been created using durable steel and boasts a large log grate and a chrome plated collar. This easy assemble chiminea stands proudly on three legs and although a modest size, gives out plenty of heat. You’ll be warm and cosy outside in no time.










La Hacienda Contemporary FirebasketJohn Lewis – £44.99

The La Hacienda firebasket presents a quirky geometric cut out design making it a key feature in your outdoor living area. This small and sturdy firebasket has been crafted from black steel and coated in high temperature black paint. Complete with a metal prod, you and your guests can relish in the heat and view of this simple and tastefully designed fireplace.
FireWoodFund-Logo-Ft-Border-+-borderWhen looking into purchasing outdoor chimineas and firepits, researching and buying the right wooden logs is essential to get the most out of your fireplaces. Two key factors which impact on the heat output and how long they burn for are the moisture content and the density of the wood.

Spend less time trying to light your fire and more time enjoying your outdoor burners with easy to light fires. Kiln dried logs that are dried to a low standard may contain around 25%-50% of water. This makes them difficult to light and if lit, produces less heat than kiln dried logs that have been put through a drying schedule. Burning logs with a high moisture in your firepits, chimineas and stoves can cause irreparable damage to them. For more advice and information on logs and for purchases, please visit

Article by Laura Gooderham