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Digital Advertising from The Home Brochure.

Here at ‘The Home Brochure’ we’re passionate about bringing our readers the very best designer products and services available for their property today, tomorrow and (if we somehow could) in the past!

Since we were first delivered to cyber doorsteps back in 2013 we’ve advertised for some of the most widely recognised Great British companies – including John Lewis, Furniture Village, The White Company & Laura Ashley.

We are just as ambitious and keen to establish new advertising partnerships as you are. So if you’re involved in any of the categories below, please do take note of what we can offer; furniture & furnishings, home accessories, household appliances, real estate/property development and household services.

Our network of talented, click-driven copywriters will compliment your organisation.

Interested? Good. Now, check out the options that we’ve got to offer below.

1. The Company Profile Article

digital advert example on ipad

An original, creative article about your business, products or services which will link directly to your website. This will be written wholly from an independent 3rd party perspective – tailored to bring out the positives in your company and your philosophy.

Example Article ‘Furniture Village Article’ or Direct Fireplaces 10 year anniversary.

You have the option to provide a brief so we know exactly what you’d like – our copywriter will ensure that you’re 100% happy with the article before we click the ‘publish’ button.

Price: £250 (one off fee, no tricks or traps).

2. The Topic Article

An original article covering a particular topic that relates to your product or service on offer.As with the former option, this will be written from a 3rd party perspective with the simple goal of favouring your company’s products/services by hyperlinking to your website.

Example Article:

‘Robotic Vacuums: The Nuts and Bolts’ article linking to John Lewis Vacuum cleaners for sale online.

Price: £250 (one off fee, no tricks or traps).

3. The Banner Advert:

Available in 3 sizes, the choice is yours…

3.1 The Rectangle Advert (300×100 pixels)


Price: £50 (PCM).

3.2 The MPU Advert (300×250 pixels).


Price: £75 (PCM).

 3.3 The XL Advert (900×250 pixels). 


Price: £150 (PCM).

The Benefits of Advertising with us


+ Ramp up the volume of organic traffic to your website

Our banners and articles will generate ‘click-throughs’ from customers who are looking to buy your products right away.

+ Enhance Brand Awareness

Capture the attention of our thousands of readers browsing through the various home-related articles. Advertise via one of our banners and the volume of brand impressions will increase, fact.

Capture the attention of thousands of our readers by showing them exactly where they should be shopping. Advertise via one of our banners and the volume of brand impressions will increase. That’s a fact.

+ Increase your online Search Engine rankings

When Google crawls the thousands of home related websites, the more sites linking to your site; the more significant it sees you within your industry therefore scoring and ranking you higher.

+ Build a greater presence on the Internet

Gone are the days of pushing leaflets through people’s letter boxes! Be smart and build a new trade ‘shortcut’ from an industry related site to yours.

+ Establish trust online/improve your lead conversion

It’s a FACT; Customers often like an independent opinion before committing to a large purchase online or using a service, can you blame them? There’s no need for a hard sale here.

Our article options can provide the Angel on the shoulder that your customers need, allowing them to undertake research online before making any commitment. This is particularly good for new websites that have yet to build brand reputation.

Let’s work and grow together.


Then do contact Matt via the email address below:-