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Want Free Furniture, Furnishings and more? then read on…

Hands up if you’ve ever heard of the quote ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’ – now, while fundamentally, it’s very relevant – there may well be a free sofa or a free toaster just up the road from you! How do you find these mythical items, exactly? That’s all down to the magic of freecycling…

Twelve years ago the Freecycle Network started up in Tuscon, Arizona as a way to reduce waste and, as pictures of overfilling scrapyards across the world will tell you, it was very much needed at the time. After it proved to be mega successful in its opening stages it was handed over to Deron Beal – who has remained at the forefront of the Network.

He realised that the most important way to make it a rip-roaring hit would be to connect with as many local people as possible, so he set up a mailing list where the good people of Tucson could let each other know what they had going for free. As is often the way with such effortlessly simple ideas, it soon spread like wildfire and freecycling is now rife, ripe and ready in over eighty-five different countries.

free-cycle-logoLet’s take the U.K for example – it’s broken down into a series of groups  (a little like the old school Yahoo groups of the past) – one for each city,  county and some for the bigger townships. To post all you need to do is  get yourself an account sorted and then you’re good to go – whether you  be advertising for something that you’d like, or whether you’re trying to  get rid of your old teapot to the nearest interested party.

While it’s always important to invest your money for what you really want  – such as some of the great products that we’ve got listed on the site. Why pay any more than you have to for the little things? Need a TV for the spare bedroom? Perfect, there’s a 32 inch Samsung up for grabs a couple of miles down the road. Need a nice futon for Uncle Steve to kip on after he’s had too many Christmas ales? Don’t get yourself out of pocket over it – that’s a chap in the next village along who is offering one for free!

So, while freecycling only works when someone has something you want, it certainly is a worthwhile avenue to explore. As an extra tip, most towns and cities now have their own Facebook groups where locals can post news of items that they have for free or for sale – meaning that Freecycle isn’t the only option, although it is certainly the most organised and moderated.

By Ashley Brown