Ornate Garden Pods


You’ve heard of peas in a pod, maybe even a video pod, but have you ever heard of a garden pod? No? Well in layman’s terms, they are a futuristic styled seating area enclosed in a circular cocoon. They may not catch the eye in a flattering way to begin with, however you cannot help but admire their distinctive look and purpose.

John Lewis boasts four different types of garden pods ranging in prices from £7,999 to £18,995 with each offering their own uniqueness.

The cheapest of the four, the Farmer’s Cottage Rotating Sphere Seater can accommodate up to 7 people. The advantage of the rotation is that you can position the entrance depending on whether you want the sun or the shade on you.

farmers cottage rotating pod2
The pod has 5 acrylic windows that allow full panoramic views of your garden, or any other surroundings where the pod is placed. The roof has a stainless steel cover which reduces the heat and keeps the interior temperature of the pod at a comfortable heat. The pod rotates on 6 bearings that run on an iron track which keeps it moving smoothly when rotating.

In comparison, the most expensive pod, priced at £18,995, the Farmer’s Cottage Deluxe Summer House Sphere is superior in terms of its interior design and features. Not only can this pod house 10 people, the interior is plush and has its own small TV built into the front.

It is equipped to support a 240v power supply so you can have lighting and appliances in there fitted by a qualified electrician. All windows have a bronze tint to reflect glare and keep the heat inside the pod at a healthy temperature. The stainless steel roof also reflects the heat and provides shade at the same time.

In the middle of the price range is the upgraded version of the cheapest of the four: Farmer’s Cottage Rotating Sphere Lounger & Farmer’s Cottage Summer House Sphere Stainless Steel Upgrade and the Farmer’s Cottage Summer House Sphere.

A winter cover is available for each Sphere and is priced at either £199 or £329 depending on the size of the pod. A review on the John Lewis website for the Farmer’s Cottage Rotating Sphere Seater praises how well they survive the weather.

Each pod provides an extra seating area for any garden and it cannot be argued they are all an outstanding, contemporary feature. A futuristic alternative to the traditional summer house and with the two largest of the four measuring at a height of 2.7 metres, a diameter of 3.4 meters and a base area diameter of 2 meters, they are also a smaller alternative to a summer house.

The full range:

1.farmers cottage rotating sphere seater 2.farmers cottage rotating sphere lounger 3.farmers cottage rotating sphere4.farmers cottage deluxe summer house sphere

















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Article by Laura Gooderham