Recommended TV: Grand Designs

Grand Designs

Kevin Mcloud

The iconic British property development show ‘Grand Designs’ has been on television for over 14 years. Despite this, the show still feels as fresh and modern as it did when the 1st series was broadcast  (now on its 14th series).Over the years every series has successfully featured weird and wonderful property designs tailored to the owner(s) unique vision.

We feel that the success of the show is largely down to the challenges that arise during complex property projects. Most developments exceed the original financial budgets resulting in an increase in entertainment value. Grand Designs also captures development from the very start right through to completion. Recent property development programmes have failed to do this, often leaving the viewer wondering about the completed development.

Presenter Kevin McCloud’s energy and enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries in property design also compliments the show enormously. Kevin has a strong ‘design’ background which he demonstates while presenting the show. Prior to Kevin presenting the show, he studied and worked as a theatre designer. He also owned lighting design/manufacturing company ‘McCloud Lighting’ that at its peak employed 26 people. One would expect Kevin to have live in his own bespoke Grand Design, however surprisingly lives in a 15th-century farmhouse in Somerset

If you haven’t seen Grand Designs, we highly recommend it.


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