Save Energy with LED lighting in your home

led bulb money saving

In case you haven’t heard, LED (Light Emitting Diode) is the new buzzword in the lighting world! LEDs look and feel like spotlights and bulbs you already have in your home – the difference is inside the bulb. In short, an LED is a special type of diode (a type of electronic component) that allows electricity to flow through in only one direction, using very little energy to do this. Standard light bulbs heat up as they light, so a huge amount of energy they use is wasted generating heat.

Although LED spotlights and bulbs are more expensive than standard bulbs, this money is easily recovered, usually in a matter of just a few months. The running cost of LED lights is a fraction of the cost of running traditional spotlights and bulbs. LEDs use far less energy, so by installing LEDs throughout your home, you will soon see a reduction in your lighting bill. Not only that, LEDs last on average 25,000 hours, so you may never need to replace a light bulb again – great news for lights in hard to reach places!

Most LEDs are a like for like replacement for your existing spotlights and bulbs, so it’s really easy to make the switch to LEDs. You can do this without the need for an electrician. The only complicated switch is when dimmable lights are involved – however this problem is easily overcome by switching your existing dimmer switch to an LED compatible dimmer switch – you may need to call an electrician for this job.

So, now the science part is covered, time to find out how LEDs can transform the look of your home and garden. Unlike standard light bulbs, the choice of LED lighting available is massive!

Spotlights and bulbs come in a choice of warm white, cool white, daylight, or even multi-coloured, making it incredibly easy to change the look and feel of your room. For rooms requiring a good source of light, such as the kitchen or bathroom, cool white or daylight are a great choice. For creating a cosier look for rooms such as a living room, dining room or bedroom, warm white is the obvious choice. It is also possible to mix and match the colours used if lighting an open plan room.

When homeowners think about LED lights, they often just think about spotlights. Did you know that you can also buy any type of LED bulb, so perfect for wall lights, ceiling lights and lamps, which means you should be able to switch all the lights in your home to LEDs!

Choice of colour is not the only exciting news about LEDs – they also come in the form of strip light, similar to a long tape containing LED chips. This is adhesive and can easily be added under cabinets and shelves. This is a really unique way to add interest to your bathroom or kitchen. It can even be used to highlight areas of your living room or bedroom, such as fitted around a headboard to create a 3D effect. The uses for strip lighting are endless and used by many people to update their homes.

LED lighting has now crept into garden ranges too, with a great choice of LED floodlights, decking lights and pathway lights. The latest technology pair’s solar and LED lighting, allowing creative lighting for your garden too.

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