Ugly House To Lovely House

george clarke 3

george clarkeFirst there was Sarah Beeny, Kevin McCloud, Phil & Kirsty and now we’ve George Clarke to add to Chanel 4’s property presenter list.

Channel 4 has come along way since Property Ladder first aired in 2001. It now hosts an impressive collection of property shows including Grand Designs, Amazing Spaces, Double Your House for Half The Money, The Restoration Man and Restoring Britain’s Landmarks.

As if the above portfolio isn’t already impressive enough, there’s another to be added:- ‘Ugly house go to lovely house’.

The show is presented by Architect George Clarke. Each week the show features a bland property complete with owners who have ambition to improve their property by transforming its looks. We really like how the show starts off with focus on the appointed Architect and how they plan to improve the property by extending or altering the design. The show then follows the progress throughout the stages of improvement.

This week’s particular show featured a 1970’s somewhat bland detached house. The couple who owned itUgly-House-Episode-1 set out to transform the design to a modern style and extend. During the improvement they ran into the usual first financial challenges, but completed the project. The end result was a spacious triangular extension with modern windows and bifold doors. Exterior wise they improved the building by cladding the exterior brick work with thermo wood. This cleverly concealed the grey/dull 1970s bricks. They also updated the interior with a new kitchen and decoration through out.

Overall, we feel that Ugly House to Lovely House is another great Channel 4 property show.

Watch the show every Thursday at 8pm Channel 4. Or catch it on demand.